2years and half...
I Stopped writing. Just because...why?

Yesterday, I watched MOVIE"The Lake House".
It was so-so. It based on Korean Movie, so there were many points that I couldn't understand like other Korean drama.

Anyway, actor and actress were great, so it was not bad.
Tomorrow I'll go to "pireat of caribiab2".
I hope it wi'll be better than Lake House...
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Conversation class

a0003301_162029.jpgI stopped taking an English conversation lesson after I had a kid. But today I start it again! I found one private teacher at international center's ads corner. He is a New Zealander. He usually teach English at university.

We have a lesson at Mister Dounut near my house. It is good for me, it takes only few minute from my house! Lesson is fine. But I'll ask him to correct my English mistakes I made.

One thing I cannot understand. He told me to buy his bevarage?! Of course I pay lesson's fee and how should I pay his juice???
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a0003301_144247.jpgThe beginning of April is the best season of cherry blossoms. Flowers bloom only a week or so, that's why many Japanese people gather to watch them(and drink?!) at the same time.

The day before yesterday,I went to Korakuen(one of the biggest park in Japan). There were many people even weekday. and today I also went to the park near my house with my family. I'm not a hanami maniac, but I go 2 times to see them this year. I guess average Japanese people go to Hanami 2-3 times for this ohanami term?!
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Is this a cold??

a0003301_14298.jpgI 've had a bad headache and sore throat for few days. I tend to feel bad in spring every year, so first I thought this was kind of that. Usually only headache, but this year I also have a sore throat and even feel sick. I checked my fever, but I do not have a temperature...

So I just try to sleep well and eat some herb candies for my bad sore throat...

I hope I feel good soon...
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Today's Lunch

a0003301_214734.jpgToday I had a meeting, so I went to Omote-cho. It started at 10:00am but I was late a little(^^;

After meeting I went to Bus station to go home, but I found I was hungry so I had lunch at passage cafe.

There were some set dishes as lunch special, spaghetti, curry rice and sandwitch. I love sandwitch, so I ordered panini(Italian hot sandwitch) with shrimp and tomato. It was good and also
reasonable! ( 500yen, included salad and coffee!)
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Enjoy wine

a0003301_222627.jpgI loved wine before, but these few years I stopped drinking it. Because I always had a very bad hanging over when I drunk wine.

But reacently I found the reason why I had it was just "drink too much". I mean it was not wine's fault(^^), it was MY FAULT!

Now I drink wine sometime(weekend mostly) with my husband after my baby fall asleep. At last I know 2 glasses of wine is the best quantity to feel good ! Not too much.

I usually eat nice cheese with wine. And they make me very very happy...
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My favorite-Bagle-

a0003301_22269.jpgI like all kinds of bread. I think I can live without rice but not bread!
Especially, I love Bagles!!

When I've been in US, I always ate bagles at breakfast. I loved blueberry bagles the best. There were many bagle shops and usually they were quite cheap(50-70cents each). In Japan, it costs 130-200 yen . Double or more! And tastes are really different. American one is much tasty and chewy. I think Bagles should be chewy. If not, they aren' Bagles. They are "Bread".

Anyway I miss Anerican Bagles. And now I have 2 ways to get American Bagles. One is to go Kobe(or Osaka). The other is using internet. In Kobe and Osaka(in Kansai area) there are  "Bagle K" they import American bagles! So whenever I go to Kansai, I always buy them. Or "Bagle K" also has a web site, so I order them on line.

I hope I can buy them easier and cheaper in Japan...
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My favorite-Runway Bride-

a0003301_22720.jpgThis is one of my favorite movies. And in Japan, it was put on another theme, "Pretty Bride". But an original title is "Runway Bride" anyway.

I like Julia Roberts basically. So I've watched almost all of her movies such as "Pretty Woman","Notting Hill" or so.

I sometimes use DVD to study English and at that time I watch it many times to learn phrases. So I choose my favotite one. Also I think love stories are easier to understand. That's why I chose this movie for learning.

When I study, I choose English subtitle and try to catch all sentences. I'm not native speaker, so it is really hard to catch all. But I can check English subtitle at the same time and it is very helpful!

Now I have a small kid and no time to watch movies, but I want to do that again soon...
# by maririn720 | 2004-02-20 22:08 | diary(English)

My favorite-chocolate-

a0003301_04137.jpgThis is a brand new chocolate of Morinaga. The name is "Carre de chocolat". There are 2 types of taste and one is mild and the other is bitter.

Today I tried bitter one, and it was good! I like chocolate but not very much. But this one is not too sweet and I love it. When I went to Belgium, I ate many chocolates('cause they are poplar products of Belgium) and I think this taste is quite similer kind of them. I feel taste of cocoa...

Besides, this is reasonable!! In 1 package there are 2 dozens of pieces and price is under 300 yen! We should buy, shouldn't we??
# by maririn720 | 2004-02-20 00:42 | diary(English)

Model House

a0003301_22364.jpgToday I went to see some model houses. Hopefully, I'd like to have a detached house within this year!!

I don't want a Japanese-style residence. I don't need any Tatami room. On the 1st floor, there will be a living room, dinning room, kitchen, washroom and bathroom. And on the 2nd floor, I need a master bedroom, 2 kids room and washroom. I'm dreaming a perfect plan in my mind...

But I know it is very difficult to continue to pay for 30? years!! Do we deserve a new house??
# by maririn720 | 2004-02-17 22:37 | diary(English)